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Episode 53

Warning: Explicit Language

Episode Date: January 10, 2012
Running Time: 1:26:31
Hosted by: Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young
Guests: Owen JJ Stone, Brett Rounsaville

WOOOOOOOOO! BBLiveShow is back from the grave! NSFW was put on hold for one week which allowed for the first BBLiveShow in nearly two years. They talk about sex sounds, titty balls, piles of rotten cunts and have an earnest talk about Amtrekker's comic.

Show Notes

Opening Video

TWiT Hype Man

Sex Squeaks

The first caller of the night was a dude that just played sex sounds, after initially hanging up immediately, Brian was forced to call him back. Once he was back on the line the guys tried to have a serious conversation with him, but all they got in response was sex squeaks.

Sex squeaks would continue to rear its ugly head all night through skype callers.

Interestingly enough, they got a legit caller from a girl that had a story about horse sex.

HB No Dancing

Amtrekker is here! Fresh from a Go Game event, Brett brings news of anti-dancing laws and great real estate opportunities in southern California. Oh yeah, and his comic book was released. Go to and order your copy now. Seriously. Don't be an idiot... buy it.

The guy, the people and the place

Brian wanted to call "the guy", and ask if he could show a clip of "the thing". This led Justin to go on an awesome rant about "the people" at "the place". Brian contemplated calling "the guy", but he realized that he wouldn't be able to show "the thing" because then everyone would then know who "the people" are and what "the place" was. Most of the Chatrealm was very confused and speculated about who the people and the place was.

Cookie Laundering

Last year, the Brushwoods were selling Girl Scout Cookies to the Chatrealm over the internet. Unfortunately the fat cats at the Girl Scout headquarters came down with their iron fist and banned online sales of Girl Scout cookies. Something about little girls and selling things and the internet made them think that it was a bad idea. So then Bonnie got the idea to set up a cookie laundering scheme where they would sell hundreds of boxes to a local from Austin, and then they would distribute the cookies to people who ordered them online.

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