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Episode 33

Best. BBLiveShow. Ever.
Warning: Explicit Language

Episode Date: July 8, 2009
Running Time: 1:53:54
Hosted by: Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Brett Rounsaville
Guests: Jay Brushwood

Best. BBLiveShow. Ever. Claims to be the best episode of the BBLiveShow. There needs no explaining. Just watch it.

Show Notes

Opening video: Super Keyboard Cat Bros.

After plugging each other and their shows, the first Adobeshop Contest with the prize of Brian's fire eating book.

One of the pictures was rather pimptactular leading to the creation of Brett's show Ahh, pimping. To start it off, second assignment was made where chat room was asked to make promotional material. Also a new BBLiveShow iTunes image was found.

Finalists of first round were:



However Chang @ the playboy mansion had the host's votes, making it the winner.

In the second round was the promotional material for Brett's new show Ahh, Pimping. The winners were Ahh Pimping, the quarterly publication and then PBS version of Ahh Pimping. "With a thumbs up for Roger Chang's rear entry." Also the twitter account @ahhpimping was registered.

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