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Episode 14

Longest Episode Ever!
Warning: Explicit Language

Episode Date: February 24, 2009
Running Time: 6:16:56
Hosted by: Brian Brushwood
Guests: Justin Robert Young, Daniel Martin, Brett Rounsaville, Jay Brushwood, Dodd Vickers, Dan Trachtenberg

At more than six hours, this is the longest episode ever recorded in the history of BBLiveShow...or any of Brian's other shows.

Show Notes

Brian announces at top of the show that he's going to be making a video with the Vidblaster people to demo their new Vidblaster Studio program, which is what he has started using in this episode; hence there is no longer a Vidblaster Trial Version logo in the upper right corner of the screen.

He, Justin & Daniel are going to start the show by going over a greatest hits of the best scams they've ever done. Daniel talks about pretending to be his own publicist & calling House of Blues so he can could skip the line to get into a concert. (During the story, Brian has to reboot video & then audio, because Vidblaster Studio was a beta version) Brian deduces that the trick of scamming your way into places is not pretending that you're important on the phone, but pretending that you represent someone important.

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