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Episode 1

Episode Date: January 1, 2009
Running Time: 1:11:05
Hosted by: Brian Brushwood

First attempt at a live call in show about Scam School stuff. Wish more people... um, called in.

Show Notes

The show starts off with Brian Brushwood with his hair down and wearing a hat. While testing his cameras, he briefly talks about Left 4 Dead. While waiting for a caller, Brian announces that Mike Galante will be becoming his "right hand man" and moving to Austin and appears in an upcoming episode of Scam School. Andrew from southwest Florida was the first caller via Skype on his Mac.

After getting some feedback on his first Scam School with strongman Dennis Rogers, he shares the BBOTR episode where he attempts to vanish from a hotel bathroom. He then talks briefly about the show and his Scams, Sasquatch, and the Supernatural lecture from YouTube. Amusingly, he has the Skype graphic wrong and it says "BBShowLive" and he's confused as to what the show is actually called.

Fellow Left 4 Dead player Callen calls in and asks where to get Cheats, Cons, Swindles and Tricks and the possibility of a Scam School book and DVD. When someone in the chat room asks what he thinks of David Blane, he shows the commercial for the Brian Brushwood action figure.

Next, Brian explains the full history of Mr. Happypants and how he became pure evil. This is followed by a video call from Zack Luye of Bottles, Blends, and Brews where they discuss shooting their shows. A caller from Aurora, Colorado shares his experience failing an attempt at a trick and then Derek calls up to talk about being in town for the Butt-Numbathon. Jay Pettigrew calls in via video chat to share a success story and a fail story. The next call was Dave from Jacksonville who wanted to hear the best trick to get a free drink. The final call was Andy who asked what to do when people are demanding to see tricks.

The show ended with the BBOTR episode with the "Mr. Roboto" sing-along.

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